Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Elusive single family home sales in Nettlehorst School district

Nettlehorst is a desirable public elementary school located in East Lakeview.  Due to the dense, near lakefront attendance boundaries of the school there are fewer single family homes available to purchase than in many of the other well ranked school districts on the North Side.
Image created from www.cps.edu

Nettlehorst School district house sales - Past 12 months

Only 6 true single family homes have sold and closed in Nettlehorst public school district over the past 12 months. The prices range from $339,000 for a foreclosure sale at 1115 W Roscoe of a small frame structure on a little 22' x 50' lot to $1,850,000 for a 6,000 sq/ft new construction development row house at 538 W Stratford Place.
333 W Barry resides in Nettlehorst attendance boundaries and is currently listed for sale asking $3,450,000 (photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)
Currently, there is only 1 single family home under contract in the school attendance boundaries.  3219 N Kenmore is located in the far western portion of the boundaries and is under contract with an asking price of $825,000.

Only 4 existing single family homes are listed actively for sale as we speak.  The price ranges from $745,000 for a short-sale at 1123 W Addison to 3,450,000 at 333 W Barry (amazing house and location).

Closed single family homes in Nettlehorst by year (includes row homes)

2012 - 6 houses
2011 - 3 houses
2010 - 4 houses
2009 - 4 houses
2008 - 3 houses
2007 - 5 houses

All stats pulled and analyzed  by Eric Rojas, Broker from MREDLLC.com. Boundaries are approximate and created from www.cps.edu boundary maps. All info is approximate and truthful to our knowledge.