Monday, March 04, 2013

Lincoln Square house gets "Red X"

A new City of Chicago program places a red "X" on structurally unsound buildings.  This is meant to warn first responders of a potential structural collapse and is an unexpected sight in Lincoln Square.

I noticed the home on the 4800 block of North Oakley in Lincoln Square was give it's scarlet letter X while walking past it on Saturday.  This is a very nice block in the Ravenswood sub-neighborhood, close to Giddings Square and all the Lincoln Square retail and entertainment.  I walk this block many times a week on my way to shopping in the Square and always wonder when this house would finally be sold, bought, torn down and developed.

A long time neighbor across the street said the house has been "vacant for 15 years".  I don't know the fate of this house or if the City is seeking permission to demolish the home.  If you do know and would like me to update the blog, email me a note

UPDATE 3/5/13:  Some neighbors did email me that the house allegedly was passed down from the owners to one of their children and the person lives out of the area.  Hopefully the owner is in a sound situation and this will prompt some sort of resolution for the house.

Curbed Chicago has pointed out an artist documenting many of the marked houses around the city.