Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Home closing stories: Where's the cat?

From time to time we encounter strange situations at the closing table.  

Just this week my clients walked into their closing and were greeted by the sellers.  The buyers had allowed the sellers to move out during the closing and vacate the house later that day (typically the seller is completely out of the home by closing time). 

My clients were a little curious why the sellers elected to attend the closing rather than attend to their move-out. Typically the seller's pre-sign documents and the attorney handles the closing.

Our buyers and the home sellers had gotten to know each other a bit.  When exchanging hellos we found out their relatives were back with the movers getting things out.  This fact was later followed by a dozen phone calls from said relatives asking for instructions...which was comical itself.  Then, the seller's agent had to run over to the house and move the sellers car (it was blocking the moving truck).

After the pleasantries the sellers quickly stated "We have a problem. We can't find one of our four cats in the house".  Apparently the cat earned the name Heidi because "she likes to hide".  Luckily our buyers are "cat people" and took it in stride.  We'll help find the cat if she's still missing.

The missing cat loomed over the next hour...until the 13th phone call came in.  They found the cat.  Later at lunch, I find out our buyer client had a dream (a premonition if you will) that one of the cats would be left in the house.