Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Three NEW CONSTRUCTION single family homes coming to Burley school district in lakeview

A deal was struck for three contiguous lots on the 1200 Block of West Barry in Lakeview.  The home to the left of the cleared lots will also be torn down for new house construction according to my sources (photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)
I was at a client and friend's home last Saturday and noticed these lots (pictured above) behind their home. They had just been torn down that week according to our host. It's rare to see three single family homes being built adjacent to each other on a popular Lakeview residential block. 

The addresses at approximately 1248-1252 W Barry are located in the desirable Burley Elementary School attendance boundaries.  In a time of low single family home inventory in well ranked school districts these houses could not come too soon.

I generated this "Bird's Eye View" photo below from our MLS (MREDLLC.com) that shows the original structures.  Looks like a garage was the further most western lot with a couple of multi-unit buildings adjacent to the east.
Photo generated by Eric Rojas from MREDLLC.com shows the original structures on the 1200 Block of West Barry that stood just a week or so ago.

The lots were sold off the MLS.  The 1250 W Barry structure was briefly listed at a two-flat for sale at $499,000 and then cancelled over one year ago.  I'm sure the properties were then shopped around as a package deal to professionals with the means to purchase and build luxury homes. 

It's a great upgrade to my client's home whose huge deck will now overlook new high-end houses. The median price for a house in Burley school district boundaries is over $850,000.