Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Living through home renovations

We are told what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.  Whoever said that may not have lived IN and through a home renovation.  We've been working on our 100 year old house for the past couple years...exterior to interior, room by room. The last owners of 75 years had created a separate apartment on the second level...and we're converting the house back.

A new staircase to the second floor in progress.

This round of renovations includes a new central staircase to the second floor, adding central heat and air conditioning to the entire house, creating a new master bedroom and "loft space" and a new backyard patio. 

Jon Hill (foreground) of Artistic Construction measures the space for a new closet.

A new wall goes up to create a larger bedroom

We talk to buyers about what they can live with (and live without) when buying a house in their preferred Chicago neighborhood.  Most of our clients are very upfront and realistic about their tolerance for renovation projects. Which is to say...they don't want to do renovations.  However, if you can stomach the inconvenience you may have more options for your desired location.  And, you also learn you can do without a lot for a great location!