Monday, December 16, 2013

East Lakeview: New luxury home construction on Stratford Place

City life... isn't it beautiful that you can have a $2 million dollar home next to a $200,000 condo?  We think so.  We took some photos of the new luxury house construction on the 600 block of West Stratford Place near North Broadway back in the fall.  The lot stretches all the way back to West Cornelia one street north.

This Google Map image shows the large lot.  The property stretches from West Stratford on the south to West Cornelia on the north.

Our client lives in the building adjacent to the property on Cornelia.  She told us the Cornelia side will remain an open yard/ garden area.  Her unit will face the yard... nice!

Looking south from West Cornelia Avenue

Our client's condo building was spared the building of a large structure next door to the east.  The condo building on Cornelia will be adjacent to the luxury home's yard and pool according to plans.
New construction single family homes are rare in East Lakeview.  Single family home sales in general are elusive in this dense, bustling part of the city along the lake. Only 3 single family home sales have been recorded o (our MLS) over the last 12 months in East Lakeview.  Sales of finished homes ranged from $850,000 (for a house on a small lot in an association) to almost $1.8 million for a renovated and expanded Victorian.

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Relatively few single family homes are available within the East Lakeview neighborhood (the further North Side and Lakeview in general features lots of single family homes otherwise).  The boundaries are basically North Halsted to the west, the lake to the east, West Irving Park Road to the north and West Diversey Parkway to the south.


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