Saturday, December 28, 2013

Photos: A farewell to the Lincoln Square Dominick's

I stopped by today for a final farewell photo. Dominick's is closing
up shop for good in Chicago. Photos, Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker

I'll miss the Dominick's Food Store at 5233 N Lincoln Avenue.  Mostly because it was a nice store and a short walk from my house in Lincoln Square/ Ravenswood.  With three young kids and lots of home cooking I'd be there a few times a week.  The three year old new construction store was very pleasant to shop - and - eat at.   I could literally get just about everything we need there on a weekly basis.

Less important is the fact I went to the original Dominick's store at this location as a kid.  My grandparents lived directly behind the store.  I drew "fast pitch" strike zones on the Dominick's wall off the alley and threw thousands of pitches.

The shiny, but empty, store was full of employees today taking care of last minute closing tasks.  One check-out lane was open. I was going to snap a few more photos of the store and some long time employees... but just could not bring myself to do it.  I'd never make it as a photojournalist.
The store is so new it looked like getting ready to open a store rather then close it.

The one thing many of us won't miss is the crazy hoops Safeway created for their "sale items". One would feel guilty or like they had overpaid had they forgotten to go on "Just for You" and click away prior to shopping.  Maybe this being a contributor to their demise.

Most importantly, people in our community are hopeful the many great Dominick's employees will find good jobs.  We wish them well.


Anonymous said...

Really surprised this location was not purchased- especially being relatively new.

Eric Rojas said...

I agree. It's a very nice store and seems to be a good, busy location. It's a big store though, lots of overhead.

Elaine maley said...

Yes it was a truly beautiful store...sadly it was the one I had to say goodbye to as a Dominicks employee on Dec.28, 2013...was there for 3 yrs...also a 14 yr. employee thru my journey with domicks.....going to miss a lot of my co-workers at this store and my past stores.....Its such a sad way to say goodbye...:(...But one last thing I would like to say is I wish everyone the Best of Luck...and God Bless each and everyone of us Former Dominicks Employees....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the well wishes!