Thursday, July 31, 2014

Realtor at work: Final walk-through in Ravenswood Gardens

 I filled in for the final walk-through of a house in Ravenswood Gardens for a terrific Kale Realty associate.  She represented the seller and the closing had been moved up to an earlier date.  Great brokers will have professional partners and associates that can help cover important appointments and keep the transaction moving ahead.

Waiting for the buyers and their agent at 2528 W Wilson in Ravenswood Gardens neighborhood of Chicago
One of the many appointments we personally attend in a home transaction is the "final walk-through" of a property before closing.  The buyer literally walks through the home they are purchasing just prior to the closing to visually inspect several things such as:  The sellers/ tenants have moved out completely, the home is in the same condition as when they made the offer and any agreed to repairs have been made. Any documented issues are handled through the closing attorneys.

2528 W Wilson sold for $516,000 ($6K over asking price).  Charming house on a leafy block directly across from popular Waters Elementary School
The listing agent attends the walk-through on behalf of the seller.  We personally document any issues and make sure everything is as expected.  Once the walk-through is complete we make sure all necessary keys and garage openers etc... are available for the buyers at closing.  Prior to the walk-through there are many, many little details we cover that will help towards a smooth closing!

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