Monday, July 14, 2014

Realtor at work! Meeting contractors at a vacant Egewater high-rise unit

Our clients count on us to advise them on how to best prepare their home for sale.  Everyone's home condition, moving situation and budget are different.  Our experience dealing with many home buyers and sellers allows us to confidently outline a plan that meets our clients' goals within their means.

We suggested painting the entire loft home one off-white color.  One color is most economical and shows best.

We initially met our clients at 1122 W Catalpa #707 for an evaluation of condition and pricing of their condo.  The busy, growing family decided it was best that we paint the entire home and do repairs to the unit immediately after they move out.  Speed would be important.

We were able to refer a contractor and meet him at the condo on behalf of our clients.  He provided a great quote and started the job the day after they moved out.  We met and started the contractors in the building (high-rise renovations and access can be tricky sometimes).  In just four days the condo was completely refurbished, photos were taken and we listed on the MLS within a week of the seller's moving out.

Our plan worked as they received a great offer on the home in the first few days of showings and it's now under contract pending attorney review.

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