Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Realtor at work! What Bob and I do on a bank appraisal visit

I met an appraiser earlier today at our listing at 416 W Briar in the East Lakeview.  We have an executed purchase contract on the home and we are nearing completion of the attorney review and inspection periods.  The buyers and their lender have ordered the appraisal of the property.  

I met the bank appraiser on behalf of our client today at our listing at 416 W Briar.
 Congrats!  You're home is under contract.  But the process is far from over.  The bank appraisal is one of several very important steps to a successful transaction.  We advise our clients in preparing for the appraisal visit by treating it like a showing.  This will help protect the contract price of your home.

Bob and I personally schedule and attend the appraisal appointment at the home when the appraisal company contacts us.  We provide any requested and helpful information to assure no details are missed.  For example we may provide floor-plans, condo association contacts, building information, the executed contract, recent sold comparable homes and information about the property not easily noticeable. 

We may point out surround sound wiring, show the storage unit, make note of the parking situation and have them walk out on all terraces and decks. Today I made sure the appraiser knew the sale price included two car parking.  This is a huge value in East Lakeview near the lakefront!

"You have to come out on this terrace!" (Photo Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty)
Let us devise a plan and take care of all steps involved in your home sale or purchase. 


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