Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Proposed medical marijuana facility near Halsted and Diversey in Lakeview: Meeting November 10th

2843 N Halsted (formerly Mix nightclub and other previous bars) is the proposed site for a medical marijuana facility in Lkaeview's 44th Ward.
The proposed property abuts a newer construction Residential building with street front commercial space.  Many residential condos and apartments share the back alley with the proposed site.

The residential  building 2844 N Burling (along with others) backs up to the proposed medical marijuana facility at 2843 N Halsted.
DNAinfo Chicago reported last week on a proposed medical marijuana facility at 2843 North Halsted.  The south Lakeview location is surrounded by residential condo buildings on Halsted and North Burling.  There is also a mixed bag of retail and bars dotting the adjacent blocks.  I've had offices on Diversey and Halsted in the past and as far as North Halsted goes the 2800 block is relatively quiet. The vacant property at 2843 N Halsted was housed several failed bars.

According to the DNAinfo story Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) said MedMar will make appearances at two more community meetings to presents its plans to Lakeview residents. 
These meetings include:
• South East Lake View Neighbors, 7 p.m. Nov. 10, 656 W. Barry Ave.
• Central Lakeview Neighbors, 7 p.m. Nov. 11, 836 W. Wellington Ave. (Olson Auditorium)

The proposed location is in a popular and expensive Lakeview/ Lincoln Park location.

Several of our clients close to this location have reached out to us in the past week asking "what can we do?".  This is a good lesson in civic involvement. It's always a good idea to get involved in some way with your neighbors through the local Alderman's office, neighborhood organizations, "Mom groups", block clubs... whatever is a good fit. Local officials will usually contact (and listen too) well organized groups first when development proposals and important issues arise. 

Some local alderman have their own local zoning committees that review and make recommendations for proposals. Zoning variances and development proposals are probably the most controversial and heated topics local citizens engage in on a regular basis.  Don't be left out of the process.

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