Friday, February 13, 2015

Former bungalow now large new construction on West Carmen in Lincoln Square

2224 W Winona is close to completion by the spring.  It was bought by a developer but is not yet listed on the MLS.

2224 W Carmen, Chicago IL 60625 in the northern central portion  Lincoln Square community area is nearing completion.  The original modest bungalow has been transformed to a large new construction home shown above.  This is nothing new for Lincoln Square in general.  But as we've written in the past it has been rare to see tear downs in this particular "bungalow belt". 

The original bungalow at 2224 W Carmen before the wrecking crew.

Up until about the years 2013/2014 only one bungalow in the three adjacent blocks for 2200 blocks of West Winona, West Carmen and West Winnemac had been torn down for new construction.  A pretty amazing feat considering the huge real estate boom in the early 2000s.  Since 2008 three original bungalows have now been torn down for new houses  on the three blocks (or almost all new except for foundation). One frame Victorian style home was torn down on Winnemac to make way for a new luxury stone and masonry home sold in 2013.

The renovated home is not listed on the MLS but there is signage up for Jameson Realty. I'm guessing the house will be listed in the $1,100,000 range give or take depending on the finish level. If you are interested in buying a house in the Lincoln Square area please contact me.  We often know about homes in development that are not listed on the MLS.

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