Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New construction house coming to the "bungalow belt" in Ravenswood

It's no secret that the Ravenswood area has been a hot place for new construction and development.  Many new construction houses and renovations have sold this past year from $850,000 to $1,200,000 within a few blocks of Winnemac Park.  Several private new construction homes have been built as well.

The original house at 2236 W Carmen.  We represented the sale of the property in spring of 2013.
 However, it's been rare to see new houses built on the "bungalow belt" of 2200-2300 blocks of West Winnemac, West Carmen and West Winona of Ravenswood adjacent to Winnemac Park. In my estimation (walking up and down each block) only two new construction houses total have been built on these three blocks.  One at 2218 W Winona in 2008 and one at 2251 W Winnemac at the end of 2012. That's a pretty rare feat considering the housing boom on the North Side of Chicago.

Photo taken 2236 W Carmen by last week has been mostly torn down (Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)
There are a handful of frame homes, two flats and three flats on the ends of the blocks.  These too have remained original with little large scale renovation (although there are many updated homes, few with large scale structural changes).  The permits I've located for 2236 W Carmen  online show this as a "Renovation/Alteration" with estimated cost of "80,000".  I have not located anything else under the address indicating a tear down.

A look at the Chicago bungalows adjacent to 2236 W Carmen on the north side of the street looking east.  The south side of the street is similar in uniform bungalows (photo Eric Rojas, Real Estate Broker)

The wide 30' foot lot and location near Winnemac Park have made 2236 W Carmen very attractive for development.  It remains to be seen if we'll see more bungalows and houses on these blocks re-developed as the neighborhood grows along with greater Lincoln Square.

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