Monday, February 22, 2016

Another renovation in Chicago's Bowmanville neighborhood

A "non-tear down" on unique North Bomanville Avenue in the Lincoln Square community area
The distinct Bowmanville neighborhood in Lincoln Square is having a relative huge run of development and investment.  One of the latest renovations is underway at 5375 N Bowmanville Ave, Chicago IL 60625  according to city permits. The home was bought for $280,000 in late 2015. The charming cottage style homes face the Bowmanville Community Organization green space.  There is 11 acres for sale across the street adjacent to Rosehill Cemetery.

11 acres for sale adjacent to the Rosehill Cemetery
Bomanville community green space (all photos

It's great to see more investment in the existing home stock. It's been a little more common to see tear downs at this price but there are plenty of folks buying to fix-up over time or gut renovate.  $280,000 in an established neighborhood of Lincoln Square is a nice value.

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