Thursday, April 28, 2016

Evanston single family home sales update, median price up $100,000 year to year

A gorgeous chalet style home on the 2100 block of Lincolnwood in Evanston, IL (not for sale) is just one of 100s of gorgeous houses in this leafy section of the Lincolnwood Elementary School district. All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty
We've been searching aggressively with our clients for a single family home in northwest Evanston that will meet their family needs. At least three bedrooms, a guest space and home office are major criteria.  It comes with a price well over $600,000.  Evanston is a large and diverse housing market however. Let's take a look at overall Evanston home sales this year.

Evanston single family home sales January 1st to April 27th, 2016
111 single family homes have closed thus far in 2016. The median price of a sold home is about $475,000.  The highest priced sold home thus far is 725 Roslyn Pl , Evanston, Illinois 60201 for $3,950,000.  The home sits on 140 feet of Lake Michigan frontage.  The lowest sold home is a foreclosure sale at 1327 Dodge Ave , Evanston, Illinois 60201 for $108,000.  The small frame two bedroom home is in need of major renovation.

A whopping 101 homes are currently under contract with a median asking price of $539,000. Prices are definitely trending higher this year.

We viewed this classic located near Ryan Field in northern Evanston.  The attractive but very dated home priced at $589,000 went under contract in a couple days after listing.
Past sales
In 2015, 108 single family homes sold over the same period with a median price about $372,000.
2014, only 81 homes sold with a median price of about $440,000.
In 2013 there was a spike of 121 sold homes with a median price of about $475,000 over the same four month period.
2012 saw 98 homes sell with a median price of about $415,000.

We'll be sad to see our Chicago neighbors and friends go. When shopping these Evanston beauties who can blame them?

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