Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New house, new Bentley SUV in Gold Coast

It has been a fairly long road for 25 East Cedar in Gold Coast
Lest we not forget this is the Gold Coast.  During condo showings over the weekend we checked out progress on the new construction home at 25 East Cedar.  We've been following this property for almost six years or so.  The rare new construction single family home looks like it is close to completion. In the last 4 years only a few "newer" construction single family homes have sold in the Gold Coast market.  Those were built in 1985, 2009 and 2010. 

Although there may be another one or two new private builds out there over the past 4 years it is no doubt elusive in Gold Coast.  Overall, about 78 single family residences have sold in Gold Coast over the past four years with a median price around $2.3 million.
Bentley Gold Coast at 834 N Rush Street, Chicago IL 60611
We then passed by the Bentley dealership to see the newest, "most expensive" SUV in the world being delivered. The Bentley Bentayga just rolled in and we stopped the sales representative for a look.  The starting price tag is $229,000.  The Bentayga is already sold out for the year and this one is spoken for.

Love that red interior.

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