Monday, August 08, 2011

25 East Cedar in Gold Coast: Rare, controversial new construction update

Bob took these update photos of 25 East Cedar in Gold Coast over the weekend. A wrecking/ demolition permit was issued in June to "WRECK & REMOVE 2 STORY BRICK BUILDING HOUSE". From the current state of partial demolition, it almost looks like a renovation was attempted at first than scrapped. You can see the steel beams, plywood and vapor wrap from our bird's eye view.

It's quite rare to see a new construction single family home in Chicago's Gold Coast. Imagine your single family home practically on Lake Michigan to your east and the bustle surrounding Mariano Park to your west. Carmichael's anyone?

25 East Cedar has been the subject of some controversy in the past as written by Dennis Rodkin in his Deal Estate column. Some folks felt the age of the property and association to Frank Lloyd Wright may merit preservation.

The last five sales of single family homes and two to three unit multi-family buildings have ranged from $1,500,000 for 25 East Cedar shown here closed early this year to $5,300,000 for a double lot renovated mansion at 60 East Cedar sold in 2007. A luxury new construction home was built adjacent to the west of 25 East Cedar in 2007.


Here are some blackberry camera shots of 25 East Cedar I took on a stop with clients on Friday. I did not have my regular camera, but you can get a little view of the block, a sense of scale of the existing house and the new construction next door.

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