Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A look at downtown Oak Park luxury apartments / condos (VIDEO)... some selling for well over $750,000

High-end condo construction in Oak Park's downtown 700 W Lake Street / 147 N Euclid (photo Eric Rojas, Kale Realty)
The video below is quick look at Lake Street in Oak Park before home showings last month. The condo construction shown is called "District House" at 147 N Euclid. Broker MLS listings show the development "50%" pre-sold with units under contract from $779,900 to $899,900 (wowie wow wow). 

YoChicago has sharp video of one of the new developments along with attractive downtown footage. I've touched on the somewhat controversial recent boom in higher-end condo and apartment projects in Oak Park. New construction, especially apartments, tend to get a handful existing neighbors riled up. Common complaints are congestion (traffic!), parking (!) blocked views and shade.

New development and density certainly helps local business and tax revenue. A large urban area has to keep churning and redeveloping. It makes sense to add residences "upward" near transportation, on major arteries and near walk-able businesses (reducing the use of cars). Is there too much apartment development near Oak Park's downtown? Curbed Chicago has highlighted several recent developments.

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