Tuesday, August 15, 2017

We built a Chicago backyard basketball court with Power Court

We opted for a fairly standard court with large 10' high x 20' long "rebounder" net installed to the east.  We have a large privacy fence and forgiving neighbors to the west. The foul line and three-point line are regulation length.
We recently worked with Power Court to install a backyard basketball court at our Lincoln Square home. I have been mulling a sport court for a few years now.  The decision was not taken lightly.  We enjoyed our good sized yard with grass for many years (yes we had nice grass). However with my two oldest becoming more serious about basketball I wanted to provide a safe place to play at any time.
The before in late May. I had already moved bushes and other landscaping.
Owner Dave VanderVeen responded to my inquiry quickly and came out to walk the project.  Dave's a pretty no- nonsense guy.  The project was estimated and quoted on the spot and the "cost is the cost" (for the most part). He did work with me on the best options and accessories for my space.  The court is a plastic material with locking squares.  It is designed and attached to a permeable concrete base to stay level and prevent "bunching" or shifting.

We built the court up to our existing patio and tree.
I was able to visit another of their courts built on a standard Chicago lot (25'x125') in Lincoln Park while making my decision. Most importantly the work went mostly as planned. The water run-off mimics my original yard (this was my main concern going in). Dave and crew quickly corrected any hiccups. For instance, the hoop they suggested for the space did not have enough room in front of my garage to stand straight up.  They immediately ordered and delivered a different design to fit the space.

A dream come true!
With a slightly oversized lot at 30' x 150' we were able to get a 26' wide/ 27' long court down in front of our existing patio. It's plenty of space for even adult players to get ball handling and shooting work in.  All the kids have enjoyed riding / skating/ scooting on the surface as well as playing T-ball, soccer, mini-golf among other games. We've enjoyed the court since May.  I look forward to the kids using the court year round on any warm winter days and the spring time without all the mud.

Neighbor kids show up out of nowhere for an impromptu party in the backyard!
Contact Power Court for any of their many sport applications both residential and commercial.

Dads getting into the act.

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