Thursday, August 17, 2017

Winnemac Park blooms AND and look at home prices

Winnemac Park from Jorndt Field (All photos Eric Rojas, Broker), Kale Realty
Neighbor and DNAInfo writer Patty Wetli shared a tour of the late summer bloom at Winnemac Park. Click Patty's story for the photo tour.

We've lived a half block off Winnemac Park for ten years now.  First in a duplex-down condo and then looked intensely for a two-flat of single family home withing the Damen/Western and Lawrence/ Foster boundaries surrounding the park (we bought a house to renovate in 2010 after a one year search).

As a Real Estate Broker I felt this area was one of the best values on the north side considering parks, transportation, retail and housing stock. It was a value and prices have skyrocketed in the last seven years.  That said there is still diverse housing and value near Winnemac Park for those looking for a comfortable city lifestyle.

Bungalows steps from Winnemac Park

Winnemac Park sales area Lawrence to Foster and Damen to Western.
Single Family Home Sales in Winnemac Park
20 single family homes have sold in the Winnemac Park area over the last 12 months.  The median price for a home sale is a robust $800,000. Read more on recent Lincoln Square single family home sales here

The paths of Winnemac Park taken this morning.
Multi-unit sales (two-four unit buildings)
13 small multi-unit buildings (two-four units) closed over the last 12 months with a median price about $500,000.

Attached unit (condo) sales
48 attached homes (condo and town house) sold in the last 12 months with a median price of $285,000

Fall Ball at Winnemac Park

As many of you now I've promoted our immediate area for many years. I've even busted other real estate brokers for using my photos of the park and nearby businesses in their own ads (they are too lazy to walk over and take a photo).   I'd like to think I was one of the first coining "the Winnemac Park neighborhood" in real estate listings.  That's up for debate! I would still like to see these boundaries of Damen to Western and Lawrence to Foster referred to as "Winnemac Park neighborhood" much like we have "Bowmanville" of Lincoln Square.

In any event... enjoy Winnemac Park!

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