Thursday, April 19, 2018

(Da) Coach house... yea or nay?

A large coach house (brown with front porch) a few doors down from my yard. There are several coach house units in close proximity to my house in Lincoln Square. They can be a tad difficult to price when prepping for sale.
Chicago Cityscape's Steven Vance muses on coach houses today.  It's also a nice dive into how crazy Chicago zoning ordinance is (the moon alignment with Mars is in there somewhere). To bolster my Chicago street cred my wife and once lived in a second floor coach house apartment in Lakeview. You ain't lived in Chicago until you lived in the alley.

We have listed/ viewed many coach house units around Chicago.  Some are "detached" fee simple homes while most units (if bought and sold) are part of a small condo association.  We once listed a coach house condo above at 3127 N Clifton #1 as part of a three unit condo association with the front house (shown above, rear of photo).

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