Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Home sales in Bell School district of North Center, median price about $1.2M

2414 West Berenice, Chicago IL 60618 in Bell school district listed for $750,000.  Redefined Realty & Management is the listing broker.  All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty
Late last week I took a look at a renovated bungalow in Bell School district.  The new listing is priced at $750,000.  I know for many this sounds crazy... $750,000.  For a renovated "move in ready" 3 or 4 bedroom house $750,000 in North Center is good 😭.  I was 50% looking for me (my wife did not know) and 50% doing my research.  Even though I think I could get a little better price on this house I can't leave my block... even for a top rated school and great location.
The 2400 block of Berenice is just west of North Western Ave... the house is adjacent to a rental car lot. A new construction building is underway across the street. You generally get a little break on price living adjacent to commercial buildings. At the west end of the block is Revere Park.  The location is close to the many great restaurants and bars of Roscoe Village as well as awesome sports facilities.

Here's a quick look at single family and small multi-unit home sales in Bell School district 2018.

- Eight single family homes have closed in Bell School district thus far in 2018.
-Median price is about $1.2 million
- Seven home are under contract with a median price about $1.25 million.
-23 homes are active for sale with a median asking price about $1.275 million. Only three of the twenty-three homes are listed for sale under $900,000 in Bell School district. 

Do not despair.  Rejoice people.  If this is not for you there are other places to live in Chicago too. Just ask me.

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