Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wrigleyville demolitions for CTA "Belmont Flyover" (the $32 million tear downs)

3401-3409 N Clark (at Roscoe), a grey stone looking two story mixed use building that was soooo Wrigleyville is gone. It was last home to forgettable Fiesta Cantina Restaurant. The Internet got a little excited about the Bankes Coffee "ghost sign".
I had a little business in Wrigelyville yesterday morning and snapped a few photos of ongoing building demolition around Clark/Sheffield and Roscoe intersections required by the Red and Purple Modernization Program.  The news that many of these old Lakeview neighborhood buildings would be acquired and torn down was upsetting.  But seeing it in action is shocking. The close proximity of properties and swift removal of familiar structures at this iconic (if not infamous) location makes this unique.

Johnny O'Hagan's building demolished at 3374 N Clark.  The building next door is going too.
The reported cost estimate for acquiring the properties is $32 million and the cost of demolition is $9 million.

This familiar commercial stretch of businesses will be gone soon including Bolat African Cuisine 3346 N Clark (closest to train).

3404-3406 N Sheffield is (was) a fairly recent remodel mixed use building once home of "local gem" Toppers Pizza. Gone!
Gold Crown Liquors, home of many keg purchases in my youth, still there! However, the property is featured in the CTA renderings as a future development.
934-936 West Roscoe built circa 1906 was spared.

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