Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Video! Chicago Cub's, Amundsen High celebrate new ball fields (Celebrity Bar Night this Friday!)

Amundsen High School Principal Anna Pavichevich addresses the high energy crowd at Tuesday's ball field dedication in Winnemac Park. Cub's Charities and various officials celebrated the $250,000 grant!

Friends of Amundsen helped spearhead and secure the $250,000 in Diamond Project grants from Cub's Charities to refurbish the ball fields in Winnemac Park.  The Amundsen High School softball, baseball teams and neighborhood leagues all benefit from the level fields, new fences and bench areas. LISC Chicago, Congressman Mike Quigley, Aldermna Patrick O'Connor and Ms. Laura Ricketts (Cub's ownership) have all supported this initiative.  Mr. O'Connor has been instrumental in securing millions in funds to renovate the high school building as well.

I've witnessed the work of the Amundsen administration, staff and students as my next door neighbors over the years.  They put on a welcoming and classy show on Tuesday and have proven to be great stewards of opportunity. The student athletes made wonderful speeches and the band riled up the crowd.

This Friday night (May 4th) you can support the Amundsen High School student athletes at 
Celebrity Bar Night!  

Click here to buy your tickets.  I'll see you there!

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