Thursday, May 03, 2018

Trailers coming to a Lincoln Square block near you

Nice front porch, ample road clearance, wood paneling and over the air television are just a few of the features on this Lincoln Square construction trailer, or... you're next dream home?!
Has it come to this?  Lincoln Square real estate and rental prices have been on a rapid rise over the past five years.  Maybe we are on to something with this decked out construction trailer. My neighbor pointed out the posh set up and I couldn't resist a peek... I love an open house!

Road construction at Ainslie and Hoyne in Lincoln Square. Maybe a few trailer homes by the park wouldn't be so bad. I know a lot of  "vintage" garden apartments that are way worse!
If we can't have coach houses maybe the bourgeoisie will allow us street trailers. We'll be just like the canals in Amsterdam! Oh, but the congestion... the parking!  The parking!

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