Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The $6 million dollar flip in Lincoln Park

Beautiful facade of 2704 N Lakeview (All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty)
There's been a lot of real estate activity on Bob's street lately... none more interesting than 2704 N Lakeview in Lincoln Park for sale at $6.3 million (Compass Real Estate is the listing broker).

This historic mega 10,000 sq/ft row house was bought in 2016 for $1.8 million.  It has undergone a complete interior and exterior renovation and is now offered for sale at $6,385,000 (originally listed over $7 million).  The former Thresholds property built for a survivor of the Titanic that we wrote about at 2700 N Lakeview (part of the original row house development) was recently sold $3 million and is under renovation.  Two renovation homes at that address are now listed there for $6.6 million (Unit 1) and $4.7 million (Unit 2)

The row homes are located in a beautiful stretch of northeast Lincoln Park (across from the parks adjacent to the lakefront) near another iconic building.  The Elks National Memorial sits just north of the 2700 N Lakeview development.

To buy and sell in Lincoln Park you gotta a guy!

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