Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Charming Lincoln Square "Griffin's and Gargoyles" sold for $910,000, still vacant

2140 West Lawrence, Chicago IL 60625 formally Griffins and Gargoyles Antiques. Photo taken last week. The property was sold in 2017 for $910,000.  All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty
Griffins and Gargoyles Antiques at 2140 West Lawrence Avenue in Lincoln Square closed in 2016 after 41 yrs in business. View more photos.  The attractive vintage property was purchased for $910,000 in 2017 by a local professional property management company.  The lot measures approximately 50'x125' (a Chicago double lot) and is currently zoned B1-1.  The property is currently vacant.

2140 W Lawrence is dwarfed by the newer construction mixed-use condo building to the east. A new building to the west will put the two story vintage building in a cavern. 
The property sits between the Surpless Dunn property development to the west and a newer construction six unit condo building with ground floor retail to the east.  There are no building permits as of yet for 2140 W Lawrence.  I don't know the plans for this wonderful brick warehouse style building set back from the street. However it will be smothered up by it's two over-sized neighbors thus minimizing its eye pleasing architectural impact on this strip of Lawrence.

Photo of Griffins and Gargoyles in 2015 prior to the shops closing. Unfortunately I don't have a photo with the flower boxes planted and in bloom.  All photos Eric Rojas, Broker, Kale Realty.
This is such a cool building. I weep for it's future. It is doubtful the building will remain in its current form for much longer. The development along Lawrence Avenue thus far has been a huge positive. I love the increased density of residential units and the "tear down" structures thus far have not been of note. However the new construction product has been bland and unimaginative.  It will be a shame to lose this building and courtyard.

A large loft style new construction building is in development to the west.
The Surpless Dunn development has picked up steam and probably marks the end of the Griffins and Gargoyles building.

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