Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Lincoln Park vintage multi-unit building sells for $1.2 million, torn down

1656 West Wrightwood sold in 2018 for $1,200,000 was torn down on Monday.
There are many significant "tear down properties" in Lincoln Park and around the city.  Sometimes we pass one (big deal or not) while we are working in the neighborhoods that catches our eye. A west Lincoln Park vintage mixed use building circa 1920 on a 32' x 125' recently sold in 2018 for $1.2 million and is being torn down. 1656 West Wrightwood  sold previously in 2010 for $400,000. The original listing at the address was back in 2008 was for a 58'x125' property asking $1,750,000.  It was eventually split and sold as the single lot.

The property was listed as a 32' x 125'  lot and zoned RT4 (can build a multi-unit building).  That's $300.00 a sq/ft for the dirt.  The demo took place June 17th of this week.  There is no construction permit on the property yet and I don't know what the new building will ultimately be.

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