Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Sold for $3,140,000 Lincoln Park brewery building torn down for new development

The long time Lincoln Park site of various bars, brew pubs and bowling has been has been torn down for development. 

The Burnt City building (also formerly The Lucky Strike AKA Seven Ten Lounge etc...) in Lincoln Park at 2747 North Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln Park has been torn down. According to public records the land (2747-2749 North Lincoln Ave) was sold for $3,140,000 in 2017. We passed the site this past week while on condo showings with a Lincoln Park buyer.

I poked around but have yet to find out what will be built on the site. I was never a big fan of the businesses here. However I'm no stranger to Delilah's on the block... a rare hold out of my youth.

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