Friday, June 05, 2020

"Blue collar" Gold Coast corner demolished, apartments coming to State and Divison

The corner at 1200 N State Street and several other addresses in Gold Coast under re-development. The new development address would be 1212 N State and feature around 90 apartments. 
A rather pedestrian corner in high-end Gold Coast is being developed. It seems like a lifetime ago we captured a few photos of demolition in progress at State and Division. Many bars and shops have graced the corner. A Chase Bank branch too.  Here's a great post about what was there. I hope to pass by there again soon and check on the progress. According to reports the corner properties were purchased for $20 million.
I may have wandered in and out of the pubs along this stretch of State Street in simpler times.
Looking eastward on West Division Street.

A rendering of what is to come and construction updates at the 2nd Ward web site.  

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