Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Plywood and condo sales along Halsted Street, Lincoln Park

Many small independent businesses along the 2100 block of North Halsted were still boarded up on Monday.  The absence of foot traffic mid-day and the plywood covered windows was off putting. I look forward to our vibrant city coming back better after the pandemic and social unrest.
We had condo showings along North Halsted Street in Lincoln Park on Monday. Halsted Street runs directly down the middle of the neighborhood splitting it into east and west sections.  Like many areas of the city these past few months it feels different. Despite the plywood to prevent potential vandalism and the sparse foot traffic... condo sales must go on. Here's a look at the market along Halsted Street in the heart of Lincoln Park.

North Halsted Street, Lincoln Park Condo Sales (West North Avenue to West Diversey Parkway)
Chez Moi at 2100 N Halsted in a classic Lincoln Park four unit mixed use building. My wife and I would visit the old Café Bernard and Red Rooster Wine Bar in the space. The bustle, charm, food and services of Halsted Street all contribute to the real estate value.
52 attached units (condos, town homes) sold on North Halsted Street in Lincoln Park over the last twelve months. The median price of a sold condo along this strip is about $562,500. The highest closed condo price is $2,165,000 at 1851 N Halsted Street, Unit 2, Chicago, IL 60614. The recent new construction full floor unit is marketed at 4,000 sq/ft and resides in Oscar Mayer Elementary School district.

The lowest priced sale is $200,000 at 2225 N Halsted Street, Unit 27, Chicago IL 60614.

Four units are currently under contract with asking prices from $625,000 to $1,250,000. Thirteen condos are currently listed for sale along the Halsted strip with asking prices from $255,000 to $1,650,000.

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