Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Home sales in Oak Park's Washington Irving school district (sales and prices steady)

Beautiful "Four Squares" with typical mature landscaping in Oak Park taken over the weekend. 
We are working with clients who will list their home for sale in Oak Park's Washington Irving Elementary School district. Despite the coronavirus pandemic unit sales and median price have been steady year to year.

Twenty-two single family homes have sold this year (January 1st to May 31st). The median price of a sold home is about $375,000. The highest priced sold house is 1114 S Scoville sold for $868,000. The new construction five bedrooms home sits on a 33'x126' lot.  1175 S Harvey is the lowest priced sold house at $190,000... quite the bargain!

Sales activity and median price have held up year to year. In 2019 twenty-six  homes closed over the same period with a median price of about $375,000 as well.

Two of many, many frame cottages just south of West Madison in Oak Park

Irving School District Single Family Home Sales January 1st to May 31st
(2020) 22 houses sold, median price $375,000
(2019) 26 houses sold, median price $375,000
(2018) 26 houses sold, median price $355,000
(2017) 19 homes sold, median price $335,000
(2016) 17 homes sold, median price $335,000

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