Tuesday, January 09, 2024

Jefferson Township in Cook County tax appeals open until January 16th


A reminder for those in Jefferson Township of Cook County, IL. While most township appeal periods are closed let this be a reminder to get set up for the future. Additionally a tax attorney may help file any appeals, exemptions and certificates of error. Take this opportunity to save money!

💲Jefferson Township in Cook County property tax appeals are still open until January 16th with the Board of Review. You may visit the Board of Review site and file a tax appeal. For property tax issues and appeals we recommend:
Anne Edelman Larsen, Esq.
77 West Washington Street
Suite 1501, Chicago, IL 60602-2952
T: 312-372-2965| Fax: 312-263-4720

🧑‍💻Look up your township and other property tax information at the Cook County Assessor https://www.cookcountyassessor.com/

Contact me with any questions, to buy or sell and if you need service providers relative to real estate, Eric @  erojas@kalerealty.com

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