Monday, January 15, 2024

Andersonville area condo sales, median price about $353,000

We're helping a client prep their Andersonville condo for sale. The perennial hottest neighborhood ever is near and dear to my heart... our family has lived adjacent to the neighborhood for over 20 years. It's an easy sell. Great local food, shops and culture near good public transportation and the lake!

Extended Andersonville sales area.  These are condos sold roughly within a four block radius of the main Andersonville commercial corridor along North Clark Street. 

The median price for a sold condo in the greater Andersonville area in 2023 was about $353,000. 

- A one bedroom condo (any # of baths) had a median sales price of about $225,000.

- A two beds, two baths unit will bump you up to a median of $430,000. 

- A three beds unit (any # of baths) climbs the ladder to a median price of $580,000.

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