Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Looking for Chicago Loop condo rentals

Gray views this morning from the 43rd floor at the The Heritage, 130 N Garland, Chicago 

Nothing a double shot can't solve! Despite April snow flurries Bob is in the Chicago Loop this morning looking at three bedrooms condo rentals with our clients. The median price of a three bedrooms condo rented in the Loop is $5,900 a month! (Stats over 12 months for 59 closed three bedrooms units in

Nothing better than a double espresso to get you going in the Loop

Our sellers are under contract on their sale and want to stay downtown for another year... but they prefer renting from a condo owner rather than a 100% rental building. Gloomy views from the 43rd floor are better than no views!

Taking a look at a condo rental in Aqua, at Lake Shore East. We have no problem waiting in these gorgeous lobbies!


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