Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Garden Condos in Chicago? So far so good.

I'm working with a client (as we speak) who is contemplating a garden condo purchase.
A garden unit can be a few feet or more under ground...ceiling heights and light exposure can vary widely. But it can also allow someone a more affordable way to move into their neighborhood of choice. Remember... location, location, location.

But most people worry about the security and water seepage issues. Valid.

I've had several clients purchase garden units in conversion buildings over the past two years in Ravenswood, Ravenswood Manor, North Park, Rogers Park etc... So far so good. I'm also the owner of a duplex down in a converted condo building with a basement level floor (so far so good, even after the monsoon type rains we have had this supring and summer).

The truth is, basements can leak in Chicago. Happens to single family homes, apartments, new construction, conversions etc... But, if the right techniques are used during construction the home should stay dry.

In our building, adequate pumps and pipes were installed. But the real story behind keeping dry is our drain tile system. From what I know, this is the stuff if your going to have a living space below grade.

Anyone have any issues with garden condos? They have been a chicago staple as apartments.

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