Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New listings look good in the fall

Sellers... shape up. Listing a place in August and September can be a good thing. Buyers want something new because they passed on, or lost out on, the good stuff from the spring.

I was at a closing today... my clients bought a place in Old Town. By July, when we offered and got this deal done, new good stuff was hard to come by. We got into two multiple offers on Lincoln Park condos, before finally getting it done on a two bed, two bath with garage barking and private garage roof top deck. We felt the folks who out bid us paid top of the market... but the homes were gone under 30 days as well. So, we turned to Old Town for a deal.

In fact, even today they mentioned that not much has come on the market (we always keep and eye out until the last moment).

Just make sure when you list this early fall season, the place looks great. I'm just saying... do the right things and your home will sell.

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