Thursday, August 02, 2007

Lincoln Square Farmers' Market: Does it Pro-duce?

Look... I'm trying to go green too. In fact, I'm trying to figure out how to ride my bike more as a Realtor. When I'm home with Ryne, we never use a car. Walk to everything.

That's where the farmers' market comes in. It's city folk way of saying... "look, I care, I'm Green, I'm eatin' local".

But the Lincoln Square Farmer's Market just doesn't seem to cut it for quality. It's quaint, easy to walk to, a fun way to get out into the neighborhood... but I just get better fruit and vegetables from Jewel.

Sorry. Anyone else feel this way?

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Anonymous said...

so this is just a farmer's market? is there anything else special about it? i would like to know more information on this location, also maybe on some of the events in Logan Square. could you please contact me on my e-mail

it is