Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Streeterville group doesn't like Children's Memorial Hospital; Hates sick kids

Okay, I admit that the title of the post is a little sensational, "Your Honor! Leading the witness!" I'm trying to spice up the site. I'm also in full swing campaign attack mode... too much CNN.

But Crain's has been following the opposition to the ground breaking of the new Children's Memorial Hospital in Streeterville by a local neighborhood group Streeterville Organization of Active Residents (SOAR). They feel the information and planning by Children's Memorial has been inadequate and want further clarifications concerning traffic, parking, noise etc...
Maybe, but the city has been okay with the project to my knowledge.

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Sorry, SOAR, but I think Children's has meant more to Chicago than you and will get the nod for full speed ahead (I thought I woke up in Chicago... not a democracy). If the new 42nd Ward Alderman has any wits, he'll take a pass on this fight or face further sensational blog posts about turning his back on sick kids. Hey SOAR, maybe you should move to the North Side by me... Its quiet, parking is okay and it's not freakin' downtown.

Full disclosure... my wife works for Children's Memorial at it's current Lincoln Park location. The move is not necessarily advantageous to her commute or to our lifestyle. We like working in Lincoln Park.

Bottom line, even if there is an explosion of congestion and noise... welcome to the new downtown...not your father's ghost town anymore.

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