Friday, September 14, 2007

Critical Mass bike ride in the Tribune

Nice little story here in the Tribune online with video covering the 1oth anniversary of the Critical Mass bike ride.

My favorite quote in the video is from one of the supporters, "We're not stopping traffic, we are traffic".

The writer of the story admits to her fear of riding in Chicago traffic on a typical day. This is a legitimate fear of my wife as well.

But, I think most people could get around on a bike in their neighborhoods if they tried... takes a little adjustment and practice to get in the routine. But, before you know it, there is a euphoria that comes with the quick, fun, easy transit.

Riding to Cub games has brought the bike back to me... you should think of common commute for yourself and replace it with a bike. You will drive and take the trains and busses less after giving it a try.

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