Thursday, September 27, 2007

Norwood Park for new construction, Edison Park for dinner

I was out with clients shopping single family homes in the Norwood Park area last night. They are looking strictly new construction, or, virtually new construction. We found two winners in the $650k to $750K. This will get you an oversized lot, 4 to 5 bedrooms, three floors of living, great finishes, 3600 sq/ft and up etc... And a great neighborhood.

But what to do in the hood?

After viewing our second, and last, home for the evening, I suggested dinner. My clients have not been to the great dining strip lately on Northwest Highway, just, well... a few minutes northwest of the Norwood Park home we viewed.

We dined at Nonno Pino. I was really impressed. Fun, city atmosphere, great crowd for a Wednesday night. Mix of singles, couples, families, business people... just hopping. The food was really good, which is key.

I've been out to the Norwood Park and Edison Park areas quie a bit lately looking at homes in several price points. This strip of restaurants is just enough to really consider moving the GROWING family from Ravenswood waaaayyyyy out northwest for a bigger home in five years or so. Good schools, great kids, winding suburban like roads, trees, trains (Norwood Park Metra stop) and now a nice restaurant area to keep it real.

This is a real consideration for anyone looking for a nice single family house in a real neighborhood setting. It's funy how things change... with just one kid, I already have one foot out the door the Ravenswood duplex condo while looking at single families northwest! I drive my wife nuts.

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