Friday, September 21, 2007

New Julius Meinl cafe in Lincoln Square

Reports are that the revolving door of restaurants at this corner of Lincoln and Montrose will be a new Julius Meinl cafe. That, I predict, will be there for awhile.
Anyone know the ETA on this?

The Welles Park crowd will definately file in after a morning stroll... and this southeast end of Lincoln Square will easily support a quality cafe. Tons of traffic flowing down Montrose and Lincoln respectively makes for a high profile.

The first Meinl cafe came to chicago at Southport and Addison. An economics professor of mine turned me on to the authentic Austrian flavors and atmosphere. Turns out the good professor's former student brought the business to Chicago. Our class use to meet at the cafe once in awhile to discuss our upcoming overseas travel. Been a regular ever since (One word: strudel).

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