Thursday, May 15, 2008

The King of Green in Ravenswood Chicago

The leafy tree-lined streets of Ravenswood, Chicago lends itself nicely to the new enviromental chic trend of green building. I've also been doing my part as a kinder, friendlier GREENER Chicago Realtor by working from home more and riding my bicycle to showing appointments when possible. As a busy Realtor with a crazy schedule, it's a challenge to stay out of the car. When not workin, my wife and I walk everywhere with our son... even the one-and-a-half mile round trip grocery shopping.

Now we have a King of Green in Ravenswood.

Check out some quick shots of the zero net energy home in my little province. There has been some past media attention directed at the Yannell House.

North facing side along Ainslie St.

Interior courtyard with a western exposure on Ravenswood.

Side and back on Ravenswood.

South facing facade over the courtyard.

I'm glad it's here and will look forward to the completed project.... and maybe a tour.


Anonymous said...

Michael: I can't wait to see the finished home. Good luck. Auntie M

Unknown said...

Eric - Thank you so much for the kind words about my house, along with the link to my website! I came across this completely by accident through google - you may definitely have a tour when the home is complete - send me an e-mail from the website.

thanks again!

Michael Yannell