Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Ain't the Mickey Mouse Club: Mickey's Snack Bar in Lincoln Park

Memorial Day weekend was spent visiting friend's houses and walking the city. Monday, we did shopping in East Lakeview for travel books, took a spin on the lakefront and came up Fullerton Ave to Clark Street for an early lunch.

We decided on Mickey's Snack Bar at 2450 N Clark at beautiful Arlington Steet in Lincoln Park. The real estate here just east of Clark headed towards the lake is really gorgeous.

Mickey's is not your usual place for babies, but Ryne can party with the best of them and they have a great outdoor terrace on Clark Street.

Happily, they had ONE high-chair... so we didn't feel too goofy. But it was a holiday at 11AM, so pretty safe timing.

Ryne okayed the menu and ate all our fries.

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