Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ride a Bike and Pass on Chicago Gas Prices

I'm a Realtor and sell many millions in real estate for my clients. Although I'm not that image conscious, I do have a responsibility to my clients.
Much of that responsibility and professionalism has to do with making appointments... and that means driving my sweet ride.

However, with Chicago gas prices over $4.00 a gallon and the constant struggle to do more without my car (an oxymoron for a Realtor), I've decided to ride my bike to more of my daily appointments.

I feel it is appropriate that I may ride my bike to showing appointments, photography and floor-plan sessions, dropping off documents etc... all things that do not require driving a client around.

Is this objectionable? I'd like to hear from my clients and readers on this one. This last week I rode from my home in Ravenswood to my new listing in Uptown for a photography shoot. It was a great feeling and probably took a total of about 10 more minutes round trip.

I was an avid cycler in my single days and have been looking for a way back to it... and back to a more healthy lifestyle in general. It seems cycling fits my style of business. I'm casual with clients but hard working and professional when it comes to marketing properties and finding buyers a great home. And the bike gets me to appointments on time (I'm always on time), with less traffic hassles and no parking issues!

If you were my client and we were meeting for one showing appointment....would you mind if I pulled up on a bike?


Unknown said...

It would not bother me. I think everyone in Chicago should consider using bikes, taxis, and public transportation more often. Otherwise, why live in the city? And, one of my biggest pet peeves is the obnoxious real estate agent who shows up late for his/her appointment, does not bother to even look for a parking space, and then just double-parks for a half hour or longer.

Brad Kaplan of Ulmer and Berne LLP said...

Hey Eric,

I am a corporate big firm lawyer and I ride to the office and to meetings all week long. Keep riding ! Keep safe !


Anonymous said...

I think it's a good thing.

When I bought my place in 2005, most of my location based questions were about public transportation and my agent had basically no idea, because she probably never took public transportation.

Eric Rojas said...

Thanks for the support guys. It's difficult because I try and accommodate last minute requests sometimes. But I think with the smart phone, messenger bag and a bike, I can get a lot done without driving.

One of my Realtor friends came to the office a while back, saw my bike in the office and proclaimed me "So Urban".