Saturday, May 31, 2008

Typical Night in Lincoln Square Chicago

From my new Mobile Blogging series...

A hands down top five Chicago neighborhood is Lincoln Square. Picture perfect, cultured, raucus, easily maneuvered, diverse and accessible.

Comfortable for yuppies and “Green beans” alike (Jillian and I like to think we fall somewhere in the middle), there is, to use a cliché, something for everyone. The restaurants are top notch... walk the retail and dining strip along North Lincoln Aveneue from basically Irving Park Road and Damen Avenue (in Northcenter) all the way northwest to Lawrence Ave at the end of the actual Square.

With the wife out on the town elsewhere, it was daddy daycare… and where else would you go but Lincoln Square’s Mayfest. This is all about the beer, but Ryne likes sausages and pickles and there was plenty of that.

We walked over early to get a little German meatloaf, potatoes and sauerkraut (and pickles).
I put horseradish and mustard on everything.

Afterwards on our walk home, we watched the Critical Mass bike ride go by. The last Friday of every month features a massive “parade” of bikes… Leaders halt traffic in intersections to allow all the cyclists to pass. I love it. Some don’t… but unless you’re an emergency vehicle, plan on waiting a few extra minutes.

We passed many other pleasant folks on the green streets of Lincoln Square.... back to the green streets of Ravenswood.

And to all a good night.

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