Thursday, December 11, 2008

Driving by an East Lakeview Townhome

I drive past this townhome community located on the 400 West block of Wellington a few times a week. Stopped in traffic, I finally snapped a photo. Looking at the MLS, there is one three bedroom, three and one-half bath townhome with parking available for $649,000.
East Lakeview has a terrific mix of buildings... from rare single family home estates to high rise luxury. My pick for the area right now would be one of the eclectic townhomes available.

A small collection of art deco pre-1950s vintage and a handful of funky mid-century modern designs distinguishes this location from other parts of the city. Throw in the lake... and well; I'd live here.
At the moment from the lake to 600 West, and 2800 north to 3400 north, only one townhome is available.

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