Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lincoln Square Home Sale Statistics for the Holidays

This tree lot is located on the (usually) outdoor patio of The Daily Bar and Grill. As a guy without many traditions (unless you call wasting my money on Cub's season tickets every year a tradition) I'd be remiss not to see the tree lot guys every holiday season.

I don't know what this guy charges but here's some average home prices within a four block radius of North Lincoln Avenue and West Wilson. This is the epicenter of Lincoln Square due to it's proximity to transportation and nightlife/daylife.

12 Active single family homes for sale in this prime location average over $850,000.

14 Closed single family homes in this four block radius over the past 12 months averaged over $780,000. It's lower than the current average list price, but it also includes some homes that were in pretty bad shape of tear downs.

6 Active three bedrooms, two plus baths condos with parking on sale for an average of $516,000.

6 Closed three bedrooms, two plus baths with parking for an average of $481,000 in the last 12 months for this location.

One thing is for sure at this moment in time; current pending contracts in December are elusive.I focused here on larger type dwellings. For more information on different types of homes in Lincoln Square please email or call me. Some home types and price-points sell very well in the area.

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