Monday, January 12, 2009

Modern Chicago on a Beer Budget: 824 W Superior in River West

I saw this huge one bedroom timber loft in River West awhile back and was impressed by the modern touches. It's still around due to the dismal October through January. This season may bring the right buyers.

It's a large open space, but with some designation for dining and a 3/4 wall separating an office. The sleek kitchen with wood counter top mixes well with the brick and timber... awesome sliding doors on a pantry that replaces cabinets.

The bath is renovated and has a very inclusive feeling that sprawls a little like a spa.

The asking price in $249,000, and it's big and open. Cool modern details mixed with a rough brick and timber loft. Garage parking is available for purchase and it does have a balcony.

A couple issues were the carpet was worn (definitely would replace the flooring) and the place is a little dark... not a lot of natural light.

If I were single and worked downtown... I'd live here.

(posted w/ permission of the listing agent)

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