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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ravenswood Chicago Good for Art and Eats at Angel Food Bakery

From the photos I didn't get to last year...

Public art outside of Angel Food Bakery at Montrose and Paulina in Ravenswood. The cafe has a good breakfast and brunch too in their small, but lively dining area.

I'll be highlighting more local businesses this year in and around Ravenswood, Lincoln Square and Andersonville. If you are a local business owner and read this blog, please contact me for a feature (if I like you). You'll get great Internet search results!!


Anonymous said...

I'll be interested to see your future posts highlighting local businesses, but I wonder if you will get many? When we moved here I expected to find more websites for local restaurants, shops, and services, but there really aren't that many. I find that I rely more on Yelp to find the information I need.

I'm afraid many businesses don't understand the importance of having an online presence, especially in our neighborhoods where the residents seeking their services are primarily online. But I can imagine that with the economy the way it is, many business owners don't feel like they have enough money for a website, but what do I know....

On a tangential note, there's a Social Media/Marketing group that started meeting recently in Chicago, and many of the members I met were either in the real estate industry or recently associated with it (but now searching for other opportunities for obvious reasons). You can find them on MeetUp if you're interested.

Eric Rojas said...

Ahhhh.... in your comments you have unlocked the secrets to my grand scheme. Local business does not have as good online presence, but I do.

My goal for this year is to highlight local business and allow them to send me sale and event updates to post.

I sent an email link of the above story to Angel Food Bakery and offered to post anything they send me relevant to events and specials. I'll even come in and do a story. Have not heard back yet.

I've sold homes on Paulina there, so I'd even promote their business at the open houses with a coupon.

There's only so many hours in the day for me, but I'm shifting more time to connecting in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I think your neighborhood connections strategy is good, but it may take some time for business owners to jump on board. IMO business owners are probably skeptical and wary of your type of offer (especially if they don't know you personally), but with the economy the way it is they should maybe try and take some risks with their marketing efforts?

It's too bad the local chamber doesn't offer some sort of educational meeting for their members about how they can use the internet more strategically. Perhaps you could offer to host some sort of session....

Eric Rojas said...

I'm way ahead of you my dear... already in the works in Ravenswood. I think your view is a bit cynical concerning the business owners.

This is the type of stuff I had in mind:

I need an assistant... not enough hours in the day for marketing my (awesome?) Realtor powers after taking care of my clients.

Eric Rojas said...

Sorry, the link got cut off. Just search the blog for Perfect Cup Ravenswood" or Google the same for the video.